Fundamental Creative Audio Production | Manchester | United Kingdom
Audio production for animation, tv, film, podcast, ux and online media.


We are Fundamental | Creative Audio Production.

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Fundamental C.A.P. is an independent sound and music studio specialising in bespoke audio production for animation, tv, film, podcast, UX and online media.

Our Story.

Our skillset runs deep and our toolkit is expansive. From humble beginnings our studio has developed over the years to have worked on a multitude of projects and platforms including producing music at Abbey Road Studios, composing music for primetime TV and working alongside Badly Drawn Boy. Our production process is designed to provide an adaptive workflow and ensure efficient and effective results.





Bring your content to life with dedicated sound design. We both craft our own sound design and work with some of the leading sound design libraries on the market to help maximise media content. The devil is truly in the detail and we take great pride in the level of integration we use in our approach towards soundscapes and sound effects.



From writing in ska bands to composing orchestral music for films, producing music at Abbey Road, to primetime TV and working alongside Badly Drawn Boy our toolkit and experience is vast and perfectly suited for bespoke compositional work. We also produce our own production music available for licensing requirements.



Too much noise, reverb, wind, clicks or pops on your dialogue recording? We can help. In iZotope RX7 Advanced we have extremely powerful audio editing and restoration software which we use to repair dialogue to a usable standard. This offers the potential to avoid costly ADR sessions and provide a workable solution in an efficient timeframe so your project can continue to flow.



We work with leading industry software and plug-ins to cover the main elements of audio post-production including foley, production dialogue editing, audio re-recording, sound effects, music composition and editing. All of our audio mixes are compliant with broadcast loudness standards worldwide.



From location recording to ‘whole hog’ audio post-production we offer services to help podcasters who need assistance in recording, tutoring, audio editing, sound design implementation, musical branding and audio mixing for various streaming platforms. Enhance your podcasting content with dedicated audio production to allow the listener to dive into your episodes and boost audience engagement.



We provide a full audio editing service for podcast, e-books, radio and online content. We take your studio or live recordings and produce the content, reducing gaps, removing unwanted noise or artefacts and then run the material through a full production process ready for streaming.