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Abbey Road Masters Sessions



Composing and Producing at Abbey Road Studios

Last year Dom was invited to compose music for two production music albums recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Globe, a branch of Universal music [who consequently are now owners of the studios], got in touch as they were looking for composers for two separate albums - an Indie Soundtrack album and a Contemporary Cinematic Piano album.

It’s an interesting approach they are taking to production music. The concept of the idea is to get the best composers, the best performers, the best equipment in the best studios [in the world] to create production music with an extremely unique selling point and of very high quality.

See the promo video here.

The brief is relatively straightforward - create high quality demos of tracks in these styles which are then, if necessary, scored out and performed by expert session musicians in the studio selected, which, fortunately for Dom was in Abbey Road’s historic Studio 2.

What was an exciting [and humbling!] experience, Dom spent 2-3 days each time working with the musicians and engineers to perfect the production process and turn the demos into the finished material.

The tracks have recently just been added to our website here and are also embedded below for easy navigation.

indie soundtrack transparent.png


The idea of the Indie Soundtrack album was to create tracks with a sense of adventure, scoring the big moments in life. Think coming of age, think fun, think opportunity.

On the Universal website Dom’s tracks sit at 1, 6 and 8.

cin piano transparent.png


‘Hipster Piano’ as it was initially inferred. The idea was to create contemporary, delicate piano music for those reflective and emotional moments in film. The treated pianos were recorded in Studio 2.

On Universals website Dom’s tracks sit at 2, 4, 7 and 12 on this album.

All tracks are available to be licensed through Globe. Please get in touch for details.