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SH01-a Production Album

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Every sound from one source…


The music for new media market is constantly evolving and changing. The re-emergence [and explosion] of music libraries with more and more services and catalogues available for visual content producers to license music means it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out or maintain the argument for bespoke composition. Of course we will always argue the benefits of a bespoke composition service to really help augment your work but we understand for certain projects where the music has to just ‘do a job’ it makes sense.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

So we’re launching more of our own library music options - with a twist.

We won’t be selling banjo strumming, piano twinkling, computer looped, sample pack produced generic rubbish. For us it’s still vitally important that library music has character, mood and uniqueness - all of the elements that a bespoke composition service can bring to the table. It would be easy to go down the former route but…

  1. It would be no fun for anyone

  2. It’s not going to help your content stand out!

You’ve worked hard to get your content to where it is - give it the credence it deserves by choosing a unique soundtrack.

Enter the concept.

Our goal now is to produce production music albums falling under certain concepts. For our first album we’ve undertaken the decision to use only the sounds recorded from our Roland Boutique SH-01a Synthesiser. We sampled the life out of it to create sub bass, bass tones, a drum kit, percussion, LFO loops and effects to give us a sonic palette from which to work. After recording end editing the samples we’ve pulled them into Maschine MK3 to build the sounds into tracks around a self-made brief taking the listener on a conceptual journey. We’re not saying that every album will take the same route but the ambition to create unique sonic experiences and interesting aural textures will always be at the fore.

This first will be ‘The Storm’.