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Great and Small | Save The Children


Great & Small

Save The Children


This was a really great project to be involved in.

BCG Digital Ventures worked with Save The Children to create an internal animated video to show the steps that Save The Children are taking as a foundation to support everyone ‘Great and Small’. Directed by Joao Monteiro the story follows the journey of a young girl who has been displaced due to conflict. The story follows her as we see her hopes and dreams disappear alongside her childhood but are ultimately left with a sense of hope as we see how Save The Children’s services are adapting to help more in an ever changing world. Our role was to create the sound design and mix the audio.

See the full video below and find out more about what Save The Children are up to here.

Full credits:

 Writers - J J Chapman and Steve Morgan

 Producer - J J Chapman

 Director - João Monteiro

 Lead Animator - Darion Leigh

 Sound Engineer - Dominic Storrs-Fox

 Illustration/Art Direction - Jade Spranklen

 Character Animators - Matt King, Thea Glad, Anna Rowley

 Talent - Laura Novo

 Music - Robbin van der Crussen - Theme for Namgar

Dominic Storrs-Fox