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Audio production for animation, tv, film, podcast, ux and online media.


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Welcome to our blog space.

Here we will be exploring what we’re up to, the ideas on our minds, our thoughts about all things audio and what we’re planning on in the future.

We’re excited to explore this space and excited to have you on board!

We are a boutique creative sound and music studio fascinated by creative audio and the power it brings to visual content and experiences. Our goal is to always be as creative as we can, to inspire excitement in those that we work with and to deliver top quality sonic experiences.

We work from a professionally equipped production studio in Manchester and as well as the fun stuff we’re also dedicated audio post professionals. We boast great software, plug-ins and equipment [such as iZotope RX7 Advanced and Insight 2] to ensure your audio hits the relevant standards required for broadcast and any defects are suitably improved to work with your project.

We’re dreamers, believers, craftsmen and creatives and if you stick around with us you’ll be sure to enjoy the fruits of our labours!

We look forward to working with you - get in touch to discuss a project.