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Audio Post-Production Services

Our full range of audio post-production services including sound design, audio post-production, dialogue restoration, audio mixing and editing, podcast, foley, ux media and music composition.

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our audio production services


Nothing will bring your project to life quite like bespoke sound design. We’re passionate about finding a unique sonic palette for your project and building a sense of identification and personality. We love creating and bringing sonic textures to a blank canvas is the best place for us to begin.



˚ Audio Mix & Editing
˚ Dialogue Editing & Restoration
˚ Sound Design
˚ iZoptope Post-Production Suite 3
˚ Mix compliance with relevant broadcast loudness standards worldwide for TV, Film, Advertising & Online
˚ Efficient and adaptive workflow to ensure demands of project are easily met


If your project is missing any of those important sound effects to lend to the realism, or add to the drama, we provide a foley service to ensure there's audio consistency throughout and the right impact when needed. Using industry standard equipment we are able to capture the required sound/s in almost any lcoation.



3 tiered production service to help deal with the unique demands of the podcast market.

Our packages:
BASIC - £120

* prices are based per 1 hour episode and may vary dependant on voice quantity and recording quality.

Our 3 tiered production service is designed to help deal with the unique demands of the podcast market. We understand the very nature of podcasting means it isn’t always possible to utilise the ‘best recording practices’ or find the ‘ultimate recording location’, so we aim to provide a solution which can benefit both you as the producer and, ultimately, the listener. From basic audio editing and clean up to more advanced environment control and dialogue production we cover everything you might need to ensure your podcast sounds the way you want it to. We use iZotope’s RX 7 Advanced Post-Production software to improve recording issues such as wind, rustle, reverb, clicks, pops, breaths and hiss. We also provide a 'Whole Hog' service to produce any necessary sound-design and musical intros & outros to give your podcast a true sonic edge.

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Quality speakers or headphones recommended.


We use some of the leading industry software for audio editing & restoration. If you find your audio recording has undesirable wind, reverb, clipping, noise or other unwanted effects we can repair to a usable standard.


Production | Music

We have years of experience writing music for visual image, theatre, radio, music libraries and events. Whether you need a bespoke composition service or you'd like to take a dip into our music library - we've got the bases covered.

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